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Personalized Care and Guidance

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Here For You

Momming is hard, period! We are expected to have unlimited physical and emotional reserves to continue to handle our own lives while raising kind and responsible humans; meanwhile our bodies and minds experience changes and challenges like no others. At times we feel sad, anxious, worried, guilty that we do not have it all figured out. From adjusting to new motherhood to dealing with toddler tantrums or teenage personality changes, moms need help. But most importantly we need to feel understood, we need a safe place where we can express ourselves without feeling shame or guilt or judgement. We need support and counseling is exactly that!   

If this description resonates with you, call me and let's chat. I absolutely love working with moms and take pride in guiding my clients every step of the way to find a fulfilling balance between your life as a women and your life as a mom. 

Both In-Person and online counseling available, whatever works best for you!

I would be honored to share your journey. 

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Building Relationships

The pre-teen, teen and young adult years of life presents significant mental and emotional challenges for all, from social media pressure, bullying, doubts on sense of belonging, feelings of loneliness, self-esteem, and major life transitions such as graduating from high school or starting your working life it can be difficult to manage this ever-changing environment around us. This is such a crucial yet often lonely part of our lives and no one should stumble through it alone!


During sessions we will work as a team to identify struggles, evaluate their root and create positive coping strategies.  If you or your child is struggling emotionally, let's chat. Counseling can help! 

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Aqui para ayudarte

Sientes que tu vida no es la misma de antes o que no encuentras satisfaccion ni alegria en tu dia a dia? Estas pasando por dificultades emocionales, como madre o de pareja? o acabas de emigrar de otro pais y te sientes perdido en una nueva cultura? Tienes sentimientos de depresion o ansiedad?

Si alguno de estos escenarios te describe, llamame! la terapia te puede ayudar! 

Soy Venezolana y llegue a los Estados Unidos hace mas de 20 años. Entiendo las dificultades de la cultura latina y de los immigrantes y me encantaria ayudarte! Mi pasion es consejeria para madres y jovenes y ofresco una primera consulta gratis.  



Growing Together

Sharing my knowledge and experience in Mental Health is one of the most rewarding experiences. I offer webinars and in-person presentations to fit your organization's needs. These can be done in both English and Spanish. Contact me for more information.

School Bus & Children


Let's Chat!

 If you’re looking for quality behavioral therapy sessions with a certified Mental Health Service Provider that cares, then you’ve come to the right place! I am an official SSES Provider that can serve as the perfect addition to your kids school 504/IEP strategies and accommodations. I work with kids 11+ and I specialize in building connection with my clients to guide them every step of the way,  help them learn new skills to help them develop new attitudes towards life’s most complex matters. If you have been approved for SSES funds, you can bring your kiddo to therapy and pay through the Class Wallet platform for all sessions.  Contact me and I will gladly help you through the process!


Call me to schedule an appointment today and discuss how I can help you kiddo. 

Bilingual (English and Spanish)

Trained and experienced in completing immigration evaluations in English and Spanish for the following cases: 

-  Extreme Hardship

- Cancellation of Removal / Deportation

- Asylum


- U and T Visas 

All evaluations include a client session plus a comprehensive written report.  All other services are provided at an additional cost. 

Call me to schedule an appointment today.

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